Because we only meet twice a month our gaming moments are precious.  No one wants to waste time trying to decide what to play.  This page is designed to speed up this process.

If there is a specific game you are dying to play, simply leave a comment below as well as the day and time you’d like to play it.  That way others can feel free to chime in and we can get a group together.


  1. Michael; The Ancient One

    Anyone interested in playing El Grande, Pirate’s Cove, or Princes of Florence or Acquire this Friday?
    I’ve been looking to learn Galaxy Truckers, Small World, or Circus Maximus if anyone has played and is willing to teach a novice.

  2. I can teach you Galaxy Truckers or Small World. I haven’t played El Grande in years and would love to try it again.

  3. Michael; The Ancient One

    Looking forward to a game.

  4. I’d love to learn innovation or lords of waterdeep this Friday 03/06/2015.
    Do past requestors get emailed new postings? Could there be an option when leaving a reply to also subscribe to announcements or requests or reviews, or if you add a blog.

    • I can teach Lords of Waterdeep, it’s a great game. I’m not sure if there’s a way to subscribe to comments. There is a “Follow” button on the right-hand side of the screen that will email you whenever there’s a new announcement, but I’m not sure exactly what it considers an announcement. I’ll fiddle around with the site a little and see what I can figure out.

  5. Sorry don’t trouble yourself, I wasn’t paying attention, I thought this was a NECC site and you could just get an IT guy to update your preferences. I like getting and spreading data, I apologize. I don’t always think in the box and after realizing that I also interpreted the reviews as ‘sharing game reviews’ rather than review as feedback.
    Your site and events are great I recommend them to any boardgamers I associate with.

  6. Timestamp just through me. 11:17AM

  7. Would anyone like to play a Gothic Victorian Dungeons and Dragons game? It will use 4th Edition. I’m willing to host a game. Contact me at It’s my gaming email, contact me if you have questions.

  8. I was hoping I could run this with BBgamers sometime soon. And thanks for the tip on where to put adds. Do I need the approval of anyone to post fliers?

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