1. King of New York
    Monsters Menace America card decked out game with a yahtzee style. Cards are much faster for mutations and bells & whistles for special abilities. Downside, no little plastic tanks or rocket launchers to crush, but still a fun game. There are expansions!
    Characters in king of Tokyo have a better looking Godzilla.

  2. Betrayal at House on the Hill
    I felt like I was in a scooby-doo mystery. I was a little confused about when your turn ends, the parameters for traitor/betrayer/survivor is capable of without reading the separate tomes, but it was a good game for 5-6 players.

  3. A scooby-doo mystery – that captures the flavor of the game perfectly! It’s a fun game as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

  4. I recommend Bacon Boardgamers to all my boardgaming friends. Nice environment; plenty of table space, clean, friendly atmosphere. Average evening has at least 8-12 players. Wide variety of game play.

  5. I was looking for reviews of the Bacon Boardgamer’s collection of games and I see a whole set of new and fascinating games I’d like to hear about. How is Abyss, Augustus, Intrigue, Lewis&Clark, Saint Malo, and Sunrise City. What games are popular with the Bacon Boardgamers lately?
    I see a wide variety of game types, I know you only have two 3-hour sessions a month, what gets played the most these days?

    • Abyss is great and is a favorite among a few of our members. Augustus is very light – basically an advanced version of Bingo. It’s fun, but doesn’t see a lot of play at the club. I don’t think we’ve tried Lewis & Clark, Saint Malo or Sunrise City yet. We really need someone to take them home, learn the rules and then be willing to teach everyone.

      We’ve been playing a ton of Pandemic: Legacy recently. We just finished the campaign (and saved the world). We’ve also been hankering to play Scythe.

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